★ NOTICE ★   
Thank you for your co-operation !
1. Many different groups use the Center. Please do not annoy other users. Have good manners and a fun time!
Please refrain from bringing food and drink into the buildings.

The Center’s Kiosk no longer sells newspapers.

There are poisonous snakes called “Mamushi” (vipers) around the Center so please take care!
It is about 50cm long and brown. It can jump, and tends to hide inside bushes and under rocks, by water, and up trees.
It hates loud noise and tends to run away.
If you get bitten, please inform the Front desk immediately.

In the Lounge: Please do not dance or play music.→We can enjoy dancing and playing music in the Music Room!
Please be quiet, especially after 21:00.
Please do not go in or out through the glass doors in order to keep the carpets clean.

On Grassy Areas: Please do not do Yoga on the grass in front of the Art & Craft Room.
(If you want to do Yoga, please use the grass located behind the Accommodation Block where other users cannot see you)

2. If you wish to go offsite after checking in, please obtain agreement from a representative of your group and inform Reception.
Please return to the Center by 22:00.
BEWARE! All entrances to the Center will be locked by security at 22:00.
BEWARE! Emergency exits cannot be opened from outside.

3. Please do not use the cafeteria or Lounge while wearing slippers or yukata.

4. Please refrain from switching Accommodation or Seminar Rooms with other users.

Please refrain from eating, drinking alcohol and smoking in Guest Rooms.

Please do not make a lot of noise in the Accommodation Rooms. There may be people nearby who want to sleep.

Hairdryers can be rented at Reception.
Internet (LAN cable access type) available.

5. Please do not eat, drink alcohol or smoke inside the Seminar Rooms.
Please do not bring your own food & drink into the Center. Please use the restaurants or shops inside the Center.

We have reserved the following rooms:
Art & Craft Room 9:00-21:00
Music Room 9:00-21:00
2 Meeting Rooms 15:00-24:00 (inside Accommodation Building)

Cooking facilities are only available in the Cooking Room. Unfortunately we were unable to reserve it this time.
But, we are planning a BBQ at the riverside!

Please help the Organisers clear up the Seminar Rooms, especially at the end of the weekend.
We will need to move desks & chairs back and sort out a lot of trash.

6. Please smoke only at the Smoking Areas.
Smoking Areas: outside in front of noticeboards in Main building 1F
In front outside of Lounge 1F on east side of Seminar Building.
(From August 2014 the entire Center will become No Smoking)
Please do not play with fireworks.

7. You will be required to pay compensation in case of breakage caused to facilities or equipment at the Center.

Welcome to Dyke Weekend 2018
開催期間: 2018年4月28日から5月1日 
場所: NWEC 国立女性教育会館 
参加費: 洋室・一泊お一人につきツイン3800円~
日帰り参加費: 1000円(4日分) BBQ: 1500円(一般) 1000円(学生)

Event Dates: April 28th - May 1st, 2018
(Stay for as many nights as you'd like, or come for a day trip)
Location: Women's Education Center in Saitama 
Cost: ¥3800~/per person/per night twin share
Facility Fee: 1000円/4-day pass (for those not staying the night)
BBQ: ¥1500 (student ¥1000)
Register Here Now! 今予約する

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