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We are now calling for workshops. If you have anything you want to share with others, please feel free to contact us or fill in the following form.
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Is there something you’ve always wanted to teach? Or something you would love to learn more about? Please suggest it for a workshop! In the past, we have had activities including workshops on topics such as LGBT-related issues, alternative media, astrology and dream interpretation; arts and crafts including self-portrait painting, mask-making, and hanko-carving; team sports such as softball, soccer and hugby (yes you read that right!); other movement-based classes including yoga, walking meditation, hip-hop dance and belly dancing; musical and theatrical performances, cooking lessons, sex-related workshops on dildos, S&M and safe-sex practices; relaxing river BBQs, and much more.

This year, we are thinking about more yoga, Mexican cooking, and workshops on topics including trans* issues and language. Now we need *your* ideas! When you register for the weekend, please let us know what types of workshops and activities you would like to see…and whether you are willing to organize it!

Introduction to Improv Workshop, 2013


Herstory The Women’s International Group first gathered lesbian, bi and trans women for a weekend of politics and advocacy in 1985 for a Dyke Weekend (DWE). The gatherings grew to 3 to 4 weekends, and over time, DWE became a rite of passage for all lesbian, bi and trans women in Japan. Today, DWE is still active in bringing together queer women for weekends, which have grown to include workshops, seminars, guest speakers, sports and the much anticipated BBQ. DWE is a safe and encouraging space for women to explore, relax, contribute and catch up with the queer community. DWE is an entirely volunteer run group of women interested in keeping queer women connected in Japan and keeping the queer community in Japan connected to the queer dialogue. All ideas and support are welcome and necessary to keep the DWE epic! Keep in touch!

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Welcome to Dyke Weekend 2018
開催期間: 2018年4月28日から5月1日 
場所: NWEC 国立女性教育会館 
参加費: 洋室・一泊お一人につきツイン3800円~
日帰り参加費: 1000円(4日分) BBQ: 1500円(一般) 1000円(学生)

Event Dates: April 28th - May 1st, 2018
(Stay for as many nights as you'd like, or come for a day trip)
Location: Women's Education Center in Saitama 
Cost: ¥3800~/per person/per night twin share
Facility Fee: 1000円/4-day pass (for those not staying the night)
BBQ: ¥1500 (student ¥1000)
Register Here Now! 今予約する

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Epic Adventure countdown!
Days to 2018 Rainbow Week DWE!April 28th, 2018
Watch out Saitama Women's Center, DWE is taking over!
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