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Hello everyone!

This is the details of  this year’s Dyke Weekend Golden Week edition.
We would like to clarify a few things, as it might be unclear or not explained well:
• Overnight stay is 3500 yen per person and per night.
• This does not include food or drinks.
• Recently, we have been informed that we have to pay for all rooms in advance on the day we   arrive.
• This year we will open a bank account under the name of Kokusai Josei
Group so that you will pay the room charge easily in advance. We will inform you as soon as the account is ready.
• The BBQ on Sunday the 4th will cost an additional 1000 yen per person (pay on the day).
• Cafeteria-style food is available in the Center’s restaurant “Ran” for 700-1000 Yen for one meal.

• There are also Conbinis around walkable 20 Minutes away from the center.
• We are currently arranging the workshops and noticed that there are a lot of sporty ones and not many arty ones. We thought it might be nice to have some more arty ones. So if you have any ideas and can offer to lead a workshop, please contact us 🙂
• This year we have booked the Kitchen during the entire event, so we can
cook our meals there. The cost of food is extra.

★IMPORTANT: We need contact details (if possible, a telephone contact number) in order to reach you immediately in case of an emergency or any other changes.
If you have not done so already, please send us your contact details (mobile phone number) to: dykeweekendjapan@gmail.com
(NB We will look after everybody’s personal information. We will only use it in case of emergencies or for submission to the Center for booking confirmation)

The contact number of the organizer ;


As for your booking, even you book the room via email, if you do not transfer the designated bank account 12 days before the event, your booking will be cancelled. This is again due to the payment policy to NUWEC, and we need to pay all the room charge upon arrival.


今年のDyke Weekend Golden Weekのご登録をお願いします。


・今年は宿泊費用の銀行口座を 「国際女性グループ」名で開設する予定です。口座の詳細が分かりましたらお知らせしますので、なるべく指定の銀行口座にお早めにお振込ください。









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** HELP!**

We need your ideas for the work shops. If you have any idea, please send email below or to post to Facebook event page;




Herstory The Women’s International Group first gathered lesbian, bi and trans women for a weekend of politics and advocacy in 1985 for a Dyke Weekend (DWE). The gatherings grew to 3 to 4 weekends, and over time, DWE became a rite of passage for all lesbian, bi and trans women in Japan. Today, DWE is still active in bringing together queer women for weekends, which have grown to include workshops, seminars, guest speakers, sports and the much anticipated BBQ. DWE is a safe and encouraging space for women to explore, relax, contribute and catch up with the queer community. DWE is an entirely volunteer run group of women interested in keeping queer women connected in Japan and keeping the queer community in Japan connected to the queer dialogue. All ideas and support are welcome and necessary to keep the DWE epic! Keep in touch! dykeweekendjapan@gmail.com

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Welcome to Dyke Weekend 2018
開催期間: 2018年4月28日から5月1日 
場所: NWEC 国立女性教育会館 
参加費: 洋室・一泊お一人につきツイン3800円~
日帰り参加費: 1000円(4日分) BBQ: 1500円(一般) 1000円(学生)

Event Dates: April 28th - May 1st, 2018
(Stay for as many nights as you'd like, or come for a day trip)
Location: Women's Education Center in Saitama 
Cost: ¥3800~/per person/per night twin share
Facility Fee: 1000円/4-day pass (for those not staying the night)
BBQ: ¥1500 (student ¥1000)
Register Here Now! 今予約する

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