Dyke Weekend Returns May 4th, 5th, 6th, 2012

ダイクウィークエンドは日本中に住むクィアーな女性たちが集まって、お泊り形式で楽しい時間を共有する国際的なイベントです。 新しい友達を作ったり、ワークショップを主催したり参加したり、いろんな事を話し合ったり、スポーツしたり・・・・バーやクラブとは一味違う出会いや体験があなたを待っています。 このイベントは80年後半に始まった歴史あるイベントです。 今までほんとうに沢山の人たちが集まり、出会い、すばらしい思い出を沢山作ってきました。

ゴールデンウィーク 5月4日5日6日 今年も開催します。 ぜひ、みんな集まって新しいイベントを作っていきましょう!

Dyke Weekend is an annual international Womyn’s weekend event where queer ladies from all around Japan come together, meet new people, hold workshops, discuss issues, play sports, and get to know each other better at the river BBQ. This event has been going on since the 90′s, and has formed some of the best memories of queer life in Japan for many past attendees. Dyke weekend will be held at the usual time during Golden Week May 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2012. The facility is a Women’s Educational Center in Saitama-ken. The facilities are “hotel” style quality for hostel prices. This year, we have booked the gymnasium and arts/craft room, and the field, and workshop rooms. If you’re interested in holding a workshop, PLEASE let us know. We need presenters still. Some of the past workshops have been massage therapy, cooking, BDSM, communicatio/counseling, reading circle. If you have any special skills, please please please let us know. 

. Right now, there are 13 spaces on Friday, with priority given to organizers, and workshop holders, and people who are coming from far away. Check in is anytime after 3pm on Friday. Also, if you only wish to stay 1 night on Saturday, that’s also an option. Saturday is usually the biggest day, and we have 52 spaces right now. I know many of you are beginning to plan your Golden Week plans, now, so it’s better to reserve your spot earlier rather than later. In the past, more spots open up closer to the date, as other groups cancel their reservations. 

On Saturday, we usually hold most workshops in the morning, sports activities in the afternoon, a barbecue for dinner, and a low-key party for the night. 

This facility is not far from what looks like a strip mall, with shops, a grocery store and restaurants. Also, there’s a cafeteria in the building, however outside food is allowed too. 

The only things we ask of you is to HAVE FUN, and TAKE YOUR TRASH with you when you leave the center. There aren’t many rubbish receptacles on site, and we have to respect the facility if we want to keep using it in the future. 

Information will be updated on the website as people volunteer to do workshops, or other jobs. Volunteers do get a bit of a discount on their room stay. 

If you have twitter, please follow @dykeweekend2012 for updates, information and comments from people who’ve gone in the past. 

Email dwebooking@gmail.com or Call Chu 090-9834-4842


Herstory The Women’s International Group first gathered lesbian, bi and trans women for a weekend of politics and advocacy in 1985 for a Dyke Weekend (DWE). The gatherings grew to 3 to 4 weekends, and over time, DWE became a rite of passage for all lesbian, bi and trans women in Japan. Today, DWE is still active in bringing together queer women for weekends, which have grown to include workshops, seminars, guest speakers, sports and the much anticipated BBQ. DWE is a safe and encouraging space for women to explore, relax, contribute and catch up with the queer community. DWE is an entirely volunteer run group of women interested in keeping queer women connected in Japan and keeping the queer community in Japan connected to the queer dialogue. All ideas and support are welcome and necessary to keep the DWE epic! Keep in touch! dykeweekendjapan@gmail.com

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Welcome to Dyke Weekend 2018
開催期間: 2018年4月28日から5月1日 
場所: NWEC 国立女性教育会館 
参加費: 洋室・一泊お一人につきツイン3800円~
日帰り参加費: 1000円(4日分) BBQ: 1500円(一般) 1000円(学生)

Event Dates: April 28th - May 1st, 2018
(Stay for as many nights as you'd like, or come for a day trip)
Location: Women's Education Center in Saitama 
Cost: ¥3800~/per person/per night twin share
Facility Fee: 1000円/4-day pass (for those not staying the night)
BBQ: ¥1500 (student ¥1000)
Register Here Now! 今予約する

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