Welcome to Dyke Weekend!!

Dyke Weekend (DWE), has been taking place for more than 30 years at Musashi-ranzan in Saitama, and has provided a fun and mutually empowering space for lesbians and bisexual women (cis, trans, FtX/genderqueer)—both Japanese as well as numerous other nationalities—to come together and share ideas, build new friendships and strengthen community.

The semi-annual weekends, whose roots lie in the lesbian feminist movement of the 1970s, feature discussions regarding issues facing queer women, team sports, relaxing river BBQs, workshops on everything from astrology to hanko-carving to safe sex, arts and crafts sessions, musical and theatrical performances, legendary after-parties, and more.

We are greatly looking forward to this opportunity for people to come together in a safe and open environment to share experiences and learn about issues facing our LGBTQ community. Please bring your ideas for workshops and activities and come join us for a fantastic weekend!!